July 6, 2008

These two paintings were done just for fun, independent of the workshop. My artist friend and I were anxious to capture the early morning light at El Monte Sagrado.

(207) Morning Shadows
6 x 8, oil
My focus here was to paint quickly before the light changed. I was drawn to the crooked levels and unevenly spaced posts of the building.

(206) Sacred Mountain
6 x 8, oil
The mountains were fun to observe every day because the rapidly changing light revealed all new colors/values. At sunrise, they appeared orange-red for a brief time, and as the day progressed, they became a dark, rich blue. I toned both of these canvases with cad red light before painting, which I think compliments the greens.
(yes, that is a big ol' moose you see in the distance--it is a sculpture. I chose not to include him in the painting)
Before I visited Taos, I was very familiar with the paintings and drawings of Russian artist Nicolai Fechin, who moved here in 1927. But upon visiting his home/museum, I discovered that he painted during the day, and when the light was no longer adequate, he carved wood-- jaw-dropping creations including the bed below, dozens of chairs, doors, stair rails, etc.-- each room more enchanting than the next...a must see if you visit Taos. As Kevin pointed out, this is what people did before TV.
His studio is also on the tour. This upstairs bedroom was my favorite. I love those windows...

"An artist should work everyday with what is at hand"...Nicolai Fechin


Paz said...

You've captured your subjects very well. I like the bedroom, too. And the windows. Nice and uncluttered.


FCP said...

Thanks, Paz. It is a lovely space--and you are right - perhaps one of the things I loved about it was that it was not cluttered. I had not considered that.As always thanks for your fresh insight.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Wow. Painting with the stars!
I'm loving the grab bag paintings as I have done this lesson in the past. Amazing how the green shows up!
I was going to take Carol Marine's workshop in Santa Fe this Sept but unfortunately didn't get in. SO, Next time for Santa Fe but you're piquing my interest. Thanks for the tour.

FCP said...

Carol is a great teacher. You will like her.
thanks for taking the time to comment, Mary.