July 17, 2008

(216) Tweenager

6 x 8, oil
As soon as I saw this lanky boy in the middle, I knew I had to paint him. At first I was drawn to his shoes the size of boats, the baggy clothes, untied shoelaces, and gangly appearance. But once he assumed this contorted foot stance, I also wanted to to give him a hug and tell him to be patient during these awkward teenage years. Any day now he will transform before his mother's eyes into a handsome young man - it seems to happen overnight in spite of our best efforts to slow down time.
Maybe I should have given his mom a hug instead.
"Out on the ocean sailing away, I can hardly wait to see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go, but in the meantime,
Before you cross the street, take my hand,
Life is just what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans,
Beautiful,Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy"...John Lennon


Dar Presto said...

ah yes, I recognize those feet. (My own beautiful boy, named after Lennon's first, is around that stage.)The gesture and perspective is really nice.
I popped by for inspiration. Your work is terrific!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Faye, I remember when my boys were at this stage. I couldn't believe such skinny little boys could have feet that large--amazing. Great sense of light on your painting.

FCP said...

Thanks, Dar presto and Rhonda. If you are like me, you "see" your children in their varies stages and ages in every child you meet.