July 10, 2008

(211) Duck Pond
8 x 10, oil
Yesterday I studied the effects of light on the color black, so I thought today should be white in shadow. And yes, I used a photo for reference since my models didn't quite grasp the fact that I needed for them to remain still.
"Art supplies constantly to contemplation what nature seldom affords in concrete experience - the union of life and peace"...George Santayana


A's da said...

So, to be honest, these last two are really phenomenal. Really impressive on several levels. Go Mom!

pfranklin said...

Yes, they are! When I saw these I said...hey, those are my duck pond ducks... http://paintinglessons.blogspot.com/2007/08/painting-with-pastels.html

BTW, I'm a big fan of your work and wait anxiously each day to see what you will put up.

FCP said...

Thanks to you A's Da - and
Phyllis, I do like your pastel ducks--they a fun subject to paint, aren't they?