July 11, 2008

Being away for two weeks has allowed me to have a new perspective. Not noticeable from the outside - just a subtle shift really, but present all the same - funny how that "vacation mentality" works. It is akin to opening a window and allowing a breeze to stir the old surroundings. New energy. New focus. New way of seeing. Wish we could bottle it.
Anyway, after painting from life for months, I'm suddenly ready to shake it up, venture off in a different direction for a time. I have all these great reference photos that are calling to me, and since it is hot and humid outside, I'm listening...what next? will I trade in my small canvases for larger ones? ...better open another window and find out.
To me that is what is so great about the blog-- no rules...
no lines to color inside, just endless discoveries to be made...you just have to be willing to dive in!

(212) 6' 2" and Eyes of Blue
8 x 16, oil
private collection
Studying the abstract shapes the figure makes underwater was what drew me to paint this one. I find that the paintings I am most drawn to in galleries and museums are realistic subjects, but when I study one section at a time, the common denominator is that most have abstract shapes that support and hold the design together. I would like to explore that more in my own work.
And that reminds me of a great quote. Several years ago, I watched master-painter David Leffel paint a demo. Someone asked him a question about contemporary abstract art, and with a sly smile he looked up and said "The thing I have never understood about abstract expressionists is, how do they know when their work has improved?" (yes...how do they?)


artbymj said...

This is very nice, Faye. You've really captured the movement in the water.

FCP said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping in to take a look.

Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Faye - thanks for the comments on my recent painting! I was just thinking how wonderful your current water painting (Eyes of Blue) is, and how important the abstract shapes are in a painting. I'm working on paying more attention to that in my current piece too.
It will be fun to see where you head next....

FCP said...

Thanks, Terry.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

How do they?
I am also thinking more about the abstract shapes than I ever did.
These water paintings are superb.

FCP said...

Thanks Mary. The water paintings are always fun.