December 11, 2007

(50) Pink Poinsettia
6 x 8, oil
My goal for this painting was to concentrate on looser brushstrokes.
A dear friend once gave me Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. One of the "exercises" is something the author referred to as an "artist's date." The concept is that you "pencil in" time for yourself - an activity designed to offer a refreshing break from the norm, and an opportunity to "fill the well" of creativity. Well, 10 years later, my favorite artist's date is to visit a local bookstore, choose a stack of children's books and, peppermint mocha in hand, settle into a big comfy chair to peruse the latest offerings. I am interested in discovering the stories within, but (you guessed it), I am also tuned into the illustrations. There are many delightful offerings, but two outstanding discoveries over the years, include the timeless classic Gift of the Magi by O Henry, beautifully illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger; and a book my son introduced to me: Poetry for Young People,W.B.Yeats; Glenn Harrington, illustrator.
During this busy time of year, consider taking some time to "pencil YOURSELF in."


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Faye, I can definately see the looser brushwork in this one. I like how you are setting a goal for yourself for each of these paintings. You have been getting a lot done. Way to go.
Gift of the Magi is a great story.

Thea said...

love your art , i also love painting vintage china

FCP said...
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FCP said...

Thank you Frank and Thea for the kind words.
I agree, Frank that Gift of the Magi IS a wonderful story, especially with Lisbeth's watercolor illustrations. The way she paints hair is phenomenal.
Thanks for stopping in.