December 23, 2007

(62) Hi Ya, Cupcake!
9 x 12, oil
private collection
Some of my painter friends and I set up this still-life and painted together. If you are an artist, you know that painting is such a solitary activity, so having a group of friends to paint with offers valuable feedback, and an opportunity to learn new techniques, ideas, etc. I also find that when I attend a workshop, I learn as much from other students as the teacher. Artists are often enthusiastic about sharing innovative ideas/opinions on paint, canvas, brushes, solvents, easels, teachers. workshops, etc.--and more importantly, how to pack it all up in the most efficient manner (especially if you are flying). If you are an artist who always paints alone, I encourage you to seek out others to paint with occasionally. I love the fact that Monet invited many artists to paint with him in his garden. They painted all morning, stopped for lunch, critiques, and wine during the noon hour, and once the sun was no longer directly overhead, Monet was punctual about getting back to work in the afternoon. I love that he wanted to share his home, time, and beautiful gardens.
"Manet wanted one day to paint my wife and children. Renoir was there. He took up a canvas and began painting them too. After a while, Manet took me aside and whispered, 'You're on very good terms with Renoir and take an interest in his future--do advise him to give up painting! You can see for yourself that it is not his metier at all"....Claude Monet

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