May 30, 2008

(179) My Mother's Roses
private collection
5 x 7, oil
"Plein-air painting is not a spectator sport, and it's not a team effort. It's the discipline of discovering yourself as you try to unravel the magic"...Skip Whitcomb

"The plein-air artists gets to do it all--location scouting, directing, poetry and painting. Each painting is part of a continuous tale, capturing the moment and recording the forever changing landscape of life"...Randall Sexton


Terry said...

This whole series is really "blooming" - I especially like these roses. Are you finding that your color studies are helpful?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I really do love this one! Beautiul!


FCP said...

Thanks Terry and paz. I keep thinking any day now there will be no more blooms, but this has been a different kind of spring and the blooming periods have been staggered just enough to offer something fresh everyday. Woohoo!