May 21, 2008

(172) Atmosphere and Light III
6 p.m. Shadows are darker now, the purples and yellow-greens have deepened. The brick has a wash of yellow light coming from the west.
7 p.m. The sun is very low on the horizon now, the light is fading and leaning toward orange. The foreground is now completely in shadow, except for the upper limbs of the tree. The horizon in the distance appears lighter and leans more toward a pale orange where the trees meet the sky. All these changes occur so quickly, it is necessary to jot down a few descriptive words about what I see (what my focus is), pre-mix the colors, and lay them down quickly. The little lanterns automatically came on just as the shadows crossed over the brick.

"Dawn and sunset are the times when Nature herself is unstable and in flux. The nocturnal world and the daytime world are meeting, and for a brief time coexisting. It is not a neat hard cut, but a blurred, irregular dissolve. These moments are the seams in existence through which we get a glimpse of the deeper, fundamentally random, chance workings of a system in which we are only a small insignificant player"...Bill Viola


Anonymous said...

amazing! your paintings with progression are fantastic.


FCP said...

Thanks--I have wanted to do this simple exercise for years--just never took the time. It is more informative than I had considered (and more fun).
As always, thanks so much for your kind comments.

Frank Gardner said...

I like these exercises Faye. Today's quote is cool too. Good point.
That workshop is coming up soon, isn't it?

FCP said...

It really is a great quote, isn't it?
Thanks, Frank.