May 16, 2008

(168) Light and Shadow II (continued from yesterday's post)
"The sun...cuts things into two great passages of light and shadow. Get the shock as the shadow comes against the light. Exaggerate to give the impression inside that you feel outside. Key your work higher than nature really seems to be. Painting is limited in its range as nature is not, therefore keep the lights (anything in sunlight) as near the same value as possible. Keep the mass that is in shadow, always in shadow, and make differences by gradations of color. Everything in painting is a matter of silhouettes. Hold light against shadow, not light against light."'...Charles Hawthorne


Anonymous said...

Very insightful advice by Charles Hawthorne.


Frank Gardner said...

One of my favorite quotes from that book.

FCP said...

Yes, Hawthorne was so adept at describing the challenges of plein air painting, wasn't he?