February 14, 2011

all hearts day

Dear Mr./Ms. Sun,
I don't want to appear selfish and ask you to "Be Mine" on this day, but please, oh please, could you just "Be Here" for awhile? I have really, really, really missed you (three reallys).
your devoted fan

"Love is not selective,
just as the light of the sun is not selective..."
Eckhart Tolle

February 6, 2011

valentine to the world

"If anything matters,
then everything matters,
Because you are important,
everything you do is important.
Every time you forgive,
the universe changes.
Every time you reach out
and touch a heart or a life,
the world changes.
With every kindness or service,
seen or unseen,
my purposes are accomplished,
and nothing will ever
be the same again." ~
William P. Young