December 1, 2007

(41) Pretty in Pink
6 x 8, oil
private collection
My parents gave this piggy bank to me when I was four years old--it is very old and fragile, and evokes favorite memories of childhood--and did I mention it was tons of fun to paint?
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"...Picasso

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Diana Marshall said...

Hi Faye,
Lovely piggy, I bet his belly has been full of a few dollars over the years. You asked how I stopped myself tweaking, that's hard, I often go onto Carol Marines web site, that always inspires me, she seems to be able to paint an object with minimal brushstrokes and it looks just right, I think that maybe the answer is self- confidence. I use too many brush strokes, but I can see with all that practice an improvement in my painting, another few years.....