December 5, 2007

(44) Golden
6 x 6, oil
private collection
This ornament has a matte finish, different from the previous ones, so I wanted to try something new today.
"The lagoon of inspiration may be a material place or it may be a spiritual state of man...the inspiration comes with a spirit of creativity. The creativity comes when is present the moment of investigation and new decisions to investigate"...Yaroslaw Rozputnyak


Frank Gardner said...

I like how you are working these in series. That is a good way to learn.
Good composition on this one Faye.
Do you check out Qiang Huangs blog? He has been doing a few Christmas ball paintings.

FCP said...

I will check out his work. Thanks, Frank.

kathrynlaw said...

Faye, your treatment of the tree foliage here is just gorgeous! Beautiful hints of ochers on the tree branches that enhance the presentation of the gold ornament. And the satin finish is wonderful.

FCP said...

Thanks, Kathryn, I appreciate you stopping in to take a look.