December 18, 2007

(57) Better Half
6 x 8, oil
Not as loosely rendered as yesterday's...Good or bad, I find I vacillate between the two styles.
"Learn from your dreams what you lack"...W.H.Auden


Teaworthy said...

This to me is like a gorgeous, buttery photograph with 1.8 aperture. I love the background and how the blue is so sharp. Those shadows are amazing and the glistening plate? I mean, damn. So great. And, of course I love the quote. As your SHJ once said, "sorry I sweared" but man.

Frank Gardner said...

This one is really nice. Very well done. I think having a few styles is good.

FCP said...

Aw shucks, thanks guys. It helps to hear other perspectives.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

You really do have something special going on here Christian. Lovely, soft simplicity.