June 17, 2008

(195) Lavender Hydrangeas
6 x 8, oil

"Every time we go out to paint, we are full of reason why painting right this very minute isn't such a good idea - the ferry is about to leave, it may rain at any moment, there's no comfortable place to sit...our brains come up with a hundred reasons not to pick up the brush"...Eleanor Blair


Mark Bridges said...

Good job on the flowers. I'm too chicken to try them myself. When I looked at the lavender flowers in black and white, I'm not sure if this value scale is maximized. Were you painting them as back lit?

FCP said...

Good call, Mark. I was standing to the left of where the photo was taken while I was painting (where they were indeed backlit), but because the flowers were below the easel (and I had no room to back up to take the photo), I turned the easel around.
As for "being chicken" about painting flowers, I have to say that I am enjoying them more this year than ever before. I would not have predicted that really.
thanks for stopping in,

Frank Gardner said...

I notice that you are laying your paint along the top Faye. I put mine along the left side (I'm right handed) and that gives me more room for mixing colors.
Then, if I have some grays that I gather while I paint, I lay them across the top. It just gives me a little more mixing room, which is prime property on the open box M's, or any other small palette.
I should post a photo of my whole setup with an explanation some day.