June 1, 2008

(180) Peony Bouquet
private collection
8 x 10, oil
Continuing the Macpherson exercises, this assignment was to choose a subject that is 2/3 in light and keep the shadows neutral, while rendering everything in light with more color. Kevin suggests using Portland Grey Deep for the shadows but in this case, I felt it made the flowers much too dark, so I lightened them a bit. I loved this assignment. Perhaps it was because of my wonderful subject? Tomorrow I will switch it around and attempt more colorful shadows with neutral light.
"Plein air painting and painting from a reference: The first is like going to Paris for two weeks with your girl friend, the second is like reading a book about Paris at the local library"...Sylvio Gagnon


Studio 124 said...

Faye, I really enjoy your blog and artwork--find it uplifting, enlightening and beautiful! Your commentary and quotes are perfect.
Come visit me sometime at STUDIO 124: www.loridelozier.com

Best, Lori

Paz said...

A beautiful-looking bouqet.


FCP said...

Thanks Paz and Studio 124, I did visit and am inspired by your poetry, photos and paintings.