June 5, 2008

(184) In the Garden
5 x 7, oil
My challenge for this one was to try a new medium: Galkyd Lite. It becomes sticky and dries really fast, so discourages going back in. I've been using a standard combination of linseed oil, Gamsol and stand oil which dries slowly, but I felt this was a nice change.
"The act of painting outdoors is like a dance to the tempo of the evolving day, following the lead of the wind, impelled by the measured meter of shadows moving in their eternal celestial rhythms"...Louise McElwain

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Nihal said...

Smiling Hello Faye:)

Your painting blog is quite inspiring! I've always admired artists' painting works, but I simply don't have the talent. Luckily glad to have you found me, so I'd like to visit your home as all of your works are such a delight for my eyes, lovely colors and the innovative vividness.

BTW, I'm very pleased your visit to my page, and thank you so much for your kind comment. Until I see you again...

Miles of Smiles:)