June 14, 2008

(193) Twin Roses
private collection
6 x 6, oil
"There is an undeniable urgency when painting outdoors - nature's so grand, the canvas so small. It takes the human mind with all its grand abilities and complexities to sort through the overwhelming visual feast set before it and re-create on canvas the essential components of such beauty and wonder"...Jan Blencowe


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

another beauty Faye. I'm taking my Kevin M. book to Nova Scotia :) Practice makes perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your painting.


FCP said...

Great plan, Mary. He has a knack for explaining it all in a way no one else does.

FCP said...

Thanks, Paz--the roses seemed to pick up every color around them. Pretty cool thing about painting outside and seeing that happen, I think.

TAG said...

I'm with Paz! Great colors and I love the angular brush strokes.

Frank Gardner said...

This is a very strong piece Faye. All of the flowers that you have been painting plein air have been great.