June 4, 2008

(183) Red Peony
5 x 7, oil
"Working on-site is hard and fast. You have to work it out and get it done. It's like a sword fight. On the other hand, studio work is quiet, contemplative and internal"...Grace Paleg


TAG said...

WOW! Chi city. Breathtaking!

artbymj said...

LOVE this peony!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We can't grow them here - heavy sigh - I'll just have to enjoy yours) Good luck at your showing Friday You've worked hard by the looks of it!

FCP said...

I'm having a lot of fun with the flower series. Thanks TAG and artbymj for the kind coments.

Terry Rafferty said...

Wow, Faye - I think you have really found your strength with the Peony and In The Garden - quite gorgeous!