June 11, 2008

(190) Red Roses
5 x 7, oil
This Macpherson assignment was to tone the background with the same color as "an area in the scene and paint around it; keying the painting to this color note." In this case, I chose one of the reds in the rose. This is the opposite of what I did yesterday when when I chose the red background because it created a contrast with its compliment--the green trees.
"God's world is very beautiful and aesthetically superior, so when we paint directly from live subjects, we learn colour, light and brevity from the most indisputable teacher"...Serquei Quissik


Unknown said...

Hi Faye - This painting is beautiful, the colors are wonderful and the flowers so delicate. I also like that you include a photo of the painting and the subject - it's great to see them together. Keep up the good work. Are you following a book of projects by Kevin MacPhearson? Great projects.

FCP said...

Thanks, Chris--great to hear from you again.
Kevin's books incorporate ideas and challenges for artists to try, and somewhere along the line, I realized that I would learn more from doing what he suggests than just reading about it, so that is the plan.
thanks for stopping by,

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love how you put these colors together. Works beautifully.
You've inspired me to start using that book. You always learn more by doing than reading.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses -- both the subjects and the art.