June 6, 2008

(185) Magnolia
6 x 8, oil

So, how DO you paint white? White is never really white because it is influenced by everything around it--the blue sky, the green and brown leaves reflecting into it-and in this case, the wind reshaping it every few minutes...and all those colors shifting back and forth...it can be maddening. Needless to say, I was just about to throw in the towel when my young neighbor dropped by to say hello. He is so charming, such a breath of fresh air, and brings so much positive energy with him. As we talked, I suddenly realized that the painting had begun to look more like a magnolia because I was no longer over-thinking and obsessing about what I was doing. Thank you my little friend. You are such good chi.
"It is all that reality--you are in the world that you are painting. The light changes, the wind blows, things are constantly moving. You are forced to paint quickly and spontaneously" ...Sherrill Cooper


Teaworthy said...

It's a magnolia and so much more...like perfect fondant on a wedding cake and billowing sails and satin and a crisp cotton shirt and ladies gloves...just inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I love all your flower paintings. I never get tired of viewing them.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...


thejoysofboys said...

Thank you for those sweet, sweet comments about your little friend; they made his mom a little teary-eyed. It am happy that others see what I see in him. I wonder if "Magnolia" is for sale? Please let me know. Annette

PS: We love your blog!

FCP said...

Thanks for your kind comments Tag. Your words make me want to paint sailboats...and wedding cakes.
thanks so much,

FCP said...

Thanks so much. I love taking your NYC "tours" and learning something new (who knew there is "Artist's Gate" entering Central Park at 59th Street?)

FCP said...

Thanks Nancy,
Congrats on your award--love the atmosphere and water in the piece.

FCP said...

Everything I paint in the next couple of weeks (including this one) is earmarked for the gallery to replace sold pieces.
Thanks for visiting (and sharing our little friend).