November 27, 2007

(37) Wooden Truck
6 x 6, oil
My dad made this little truck for my children. It is the perfect subject for a little study. My goal was to keep the value range between 2 and 5 .
"To somehow let loose the bonds of everyday life, to close off the voices and let the creative spirit flow is the most rewarding side of creativity in any form" Jo-Scott


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Faye, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is always nice to know that people are actually reading what I write.
Funny how we were both posting about values. The block truck and toy block are great subjects for these little paintings.
My plan is to do high key painting today and a low key tomorrow. We'll see if that happens.

FCP said...

Hey Frank, we must be in sync--I have struggled through a low key painting all morning that I will post later today. I look forward to seeing how you approach it, because I find it very difficult.

Frank Gardner said...

I did the "high Key" one today and it is posted. I will try and get to the "low key" one tomorrow.