November 10, 2007

(23) Today I worked on a larger commissioned piece, so I chose to do this study as a warm-up--it was a suggestion by artist Kenn Backhaus for those of us who tend to overwork our paintings (yes, that's me!) and I decided to share it in case other artists out there want to give it a try. The idea is that you choose a simple object like an apple, paint it as you normally would, and count the number of brushstrokes it takes. Then, you paint it a second time, halving those brushstokes, and repeat the process twice more! Yikes--I started at 124 and ended with 15--it is tougher than it looks, but a great exercise forcing you to be mindful of each stroke. Pretty cool, huh?
By the way, THANK YOU all so much for the wonderful comments and questions I have received. I am humbled that so many of you have chosen to "tune in" to see what I am doing each day. I have been asked if it is okay to share the blog address with friends--yes, I am honored.
And, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the quotes I include each day. The truth is, I have collected them in sketchbooks for over a decade--a nerdy admission I know, but very much a part of who I am (and who I aspire to be!) And with that in mind..."Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"...Leonardo da Vinci (so true, but not easy, as I discovered today)


Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Faye, You are doing some fantastic work. I too love the paintings and the quotes. I really like this exercise and will have to try it. I definetly like the last apple best! Paula

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Faye, So that is how you remember all of those quotes. I always remember the quote and not who said it.
I can see the progress in your work. I'll check in often to see what's new.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mike said...

Faye . . .just visited your blog for the first time. Though a painter myself, I am constantly learning . . . and you contributed to my growth today! Thanks for posting this exercise! And . . .speaking of growth . . . .it is certainly obvious that you are making mighty strides in your paintings! Keep on!!

All the best!

FCP said...

Thanks for the kind comments--I appreciate all of you taking the time to look at my work.