November 26, 2007

(36) Toys
6 x 6, oil
OK, the thing about taking a few days off is that I tend to have withdrawals. I found myself squinting at the cranberry sauce and asking myself how I would paint it (pathetic, I know). Anyway, it was good to take a break because it allowed me to look at the paintings from last month with a fresh eye, and I concluded that I need to focus more on value relationships (among other things). And, that realization brought me to one of my favorite painters on the planet: Peggi Kroll-Roberts. No one simplifies values as beautifully or eloquently as she does. I had the privilege of taking a workshop with her in Scottsdale, where one of the exercises was to paint a high-key painting allowing yellow ochre ( a midtone value) to be the "darkest dark" in the painting.
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"...Pablo Picasso

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