February 6, 2013

hitherto haiku

I used to hate, loathe and despise winter (plus I didn't like it very much). And although I am still not a fan of the cold, I have grown to greatly appreciate the zen landscapes, subtle pastels and Earth at rest - so much so that it inspired me to celebrate another form of "minimal": haiku writing.

serene morning walk 
a blissful tranquility
the still of winter.

views unencumbered 
soft earth-tones in tranquil bliss 
quiet colors that soothe. 

sparse, unburdened trees 
seamless lines and simple shapes 
order and balance.

a silent repose
clamoring! a piercing trill
and crows laugh raucously.


1 comment:

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love haikus. This is a beautiful snow painting.