February 25, 2013


Continuing my quest to simplify subjects and pare detail, I found this Robert Genn post to be an inspiring reminder of mindful intention. Making a list of what we seek is necessary because:
"a list is the unseen backbone of passion. 
A list gives the work the appearance of effortless creativity".  

 6 x 6, oil on linen
And keeping with that theme, last week I had the honor of studying with Atlanta artist Nancy Franke, Emphasizing the critical importance of regular drawing practice, our focus centered on avoiding unnecessary detail and capturing the essence or spirit of the subject - all of which had me pondering why learning to simplify can seem so darned complicated...

"Painting is shape, planes and form. 
The right color, the right shape in the right place. 
The purpose of drawing as a means to improve your painting
 is not to create outlines to be filled with color;
 that is not painting. 
The purpose of drawing well is to give you the freedom
 to be intuitive and spontaneous as you slash the paint. 
A belabored drawing, a delineated map of your subject locks you in 
but if drawing skills are so ingrained 
you need not worry about going out of the lines
 or losing your place."
Kevin Macpherson

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Debi Murray said...

Brilliant! And honored to be there, as well.