October 29, 2012

pestiferous perils of plein air painting

 If you are a plein air painter, you are all too familiar with the adverse challenges that accompany it.  In the south, I have encountered ticks, flies and mosquitos by the droves; as well as curious cattle, horses, goats, deer and snakes of all persuasions, not to mention the sudden and unwelcome thunderstorm. In the northern states there are elk, wolves and bears. Then there are... people. People who scare the daylights out of you with their car horns, or shout out goofy comments as they pass by. And that is just in the rural areas. In the cities, there are the panhandlers who are certain you prefer talking to painting...well, you get the picture. Let's just say the Constant Distractions and Interruptions require much stopping and starting (and fortitude) to complete a painting.

And just when you are certain you have heard and seen it all, along comes Italy...where the locals leisurely saunter by and offer to be your model.  uh yes, you read that correctly. Can't say that has ever happened in the states. Here is but a sampling of the adversities we bravely endured and I know what you are thinking... plein air painting is not for sissies, not for the faint of heart, and you are so right.

And I haven't even begun to touch on the challenges we endured with the food, 
all those lackluster views, 
and what about that atrocious weather?...


Anonymous said...

Keep painting! ;-)

Unknown said...

Ooh, I think you've just convinced me to stick with using my reference photos! But I do love my live figure drawing sessions, which are indoors! I still get to sit with other artists and do what I love. Your photos are great!

Marian Fortunati said...

Funny... When I painted in Cinque Terre I got the same offer.... Might be the same "models"??? he he he

Yes... All of those "pestiferous" hazards are constants out here in SoCal too... except perhaps the moose. We DO have the occasional rogue wave to contend with, however!!! (I got SLAMMED about a month ago... Happily not swept off the cliff, but totally totally soaked through and through.)

BUT... I can't think of anything more wonderful than having the ability to go out into our beautiful spaces and really SEE them as we paint!! YAY, plein air painters!!!