November 18, 2008

"Duck mind"

(272) This shot was taken at a local park, and reminded me of Eckhart Tolle's observation of ducks after a skirmish. He noted that the fights never last long. And, as you see above, immediately afterward they vigorously flap their wings to shake off surplus energy built up during the fight. Then they float away peacefully, just as if nothing ever happened.
He compares this reaction to humans who tend to hang onto that negative energy by holding grudges and thinking/talking/obsessing about it. It becomes our story.

"We are a species that has lost its way. Everything natural, every flower or tree, and every animal have important lessons to teach us if we would only stop, look, and listen. Our duck’s lesson is this: Flap your wings—which translates as ‘let go of the story’—and return to the only place of power: the present moment"...Eckhart Tolle

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A Wild Thing said...

These regal waterfowl are Canada geese and it may have been a mating ritual, as they mate in the water. If we would only learn from our wild brothers and sisters...Canadas mate for life, I used to raise them and always enjoyed watching their young fly off to join the wild flights, was bittersweet indeed.