October 25, 2008

A New Day...

I began this blog a year ago with the intention of challenging myself to paint daily. The year before, I had only finished around 30 paintings, so it was a real stretch to consider adding 200+ to that number. In celebration of that feat and to honor a new beginning, I want to expand that challenge a little by moving toward more complicated paintings requiring more than a day; creating some from life and some in the studio. Meanwhile, my new challenge is the addition of photographs...my second love. No, I don't have a lot of fancy equipment, just a desire to capture fleeting moments in time, perhaps some works in progress in between posting paintings. And, if you frequent this blog, you already know that I love to collect quotes, and in so doing, honor the power of words. So... put it all together, and it becomes "paintings, photographs, poetry and prose...inspired by the beauty that surrounds each day" - if you are reading this in your email, check out the new look here.
Today's exceedingly inspired words come from ABC/Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and one of my favorite musicians, India.Arie as they composed this song in honor of Robin's breast cancer recovery:
"Early in the morning, the start of a new day... new hopes, new dreams, new ways. I opened up my eyes and, I opened up my mind and, I wonder how life will surprise me today. New hopes, new dreams, new ways..."
YES! to hear them sing it, go here
And here's hoping I can inspire you in the coming year toward new hopes, new challenges, new dreams, and a new day!


Phyllis Russell Franklin said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us this next year. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome and congrats on all your accomplishments on the blog. I look forward to all the new things you have in store for us here. Love the photo and new look. ;-)


FCP said...

thanks so much for all the encouragement and good wishes,