October 16, 2008

(251) Lucky in Love
private collection
6 x 8, oil
Although I enjoy seeing the horses race, my favorite moments at the track are "behind the scenes" like this early morning workout. Some of these guys are jockey "wannabes" who cannot meet the 110 lb. weight limit, but they live for the chance to just be here. Horses are their passion, and riding is their art.
"I'm bettin' on a filly down at the track
A natural-born winner, that's a fact
A hundred yards from the winning post
The horse fell down, musta seen a ghost...
But there's a place where I still win -
Oh, I'm lucky in love!
Yes, I've got the winning touch
Lucky in love!! Suddenly, I'm dangerous"...Mick Jagger

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Diane said...

thanks for the comment-- I love your horse paintings.