May 20, 2008

(171) Atmosphere and Color II

Noon-- The sky is bluer this time of day, and the street much lighter while upright planes become darker. Colors appear more washed out in the intense light.
4 p.m.---At this hour, the street began to look lavender which was a really nice contrast against the yellow-green. The sunrise was over my right shoulder, so the afternoon sun is now moving to the left of where I am facing. The shadows are now going in the opposite direction of the 8 a.m. study.
"A tree has green leaves and brown bark, right? But if you paint it according to those formulaic beliefs, you'll miss its infinite possibilities for color, and your development as an artist will be hindered. It's important, therefore, to be able to see it objectively"...Kevin Macpherson


Paz said...

How very interesting about the color change and the light. I see it, I see it in your paintings. Very cool!


FCP said...

Isn't it amazing? I'm glad I did this exercise because I didn't fully appreciate how rapidly the changes take place.
thanks for stopping in, Paz.