May 8, 2008

(162) Tertiary Triads
Here I chose two tertiary triads for comparison. The top palette consists of Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, and Blue-Violet; and the bottom one is Yellow-Orange, Red-Violet and Blue-Green.
"Always link the word value with color. If you learn to see value, you will get color"...Everett Raymond Kinstler


Frank Gardner said...

You are getting good at these. You will be all ready for the Macpherson class. Good quote. I think Kevin calls it val-hue.

FCP said...

Ah yes, val-hue.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hi, I came upon your blog in the usual manner and can not remember when I've enjoyed reading and looking at a blog so much. I am just teaching myself oils, (I mostly use watercolor) I purchased both of Kevin Macpherson's two books and love them. I think his way of teaching is great, and your blog encourages me to stick with it. I am going to put your blog in my favorites. Thanks for the good read and paintings I've seen.

Do you set your self a time limit when you are painting?

FCP said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you so much for visiting. I usually don't set a time limit, life already does that for me--he, he... I find that there is no time or space when I paint because I get lost in it and enjoy it so.
Enjoy Kevin's books--I find there is so much to learn. It is a wonderful journey that never ends.