November 15, 2007

(28) Teapot
6 x 8, oil
private collection
This was a great exercise in really seeing the form. The bounced light reflecting underneath the teapot was so bright, I had to remind myself that it was in shadow. The difference between the bounced light from the tablecloth and the light hitting the top of the teapot was very subtle, so I went back and forth comparing the two. A good rule in this case is to simplify: divide everything in the painting into two categories: light or shadow. Then adjustments to be made have to follow this rule: the lightest value of the shadow side must always remain darker than the darkest value of the light side...say it with me, the lightest get it--Painting is a push-pull adventure in planning, thinking, working, playing! Robert Henri said it best "A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle"


Crazy Ravens said...

I love this quote by Henri. Are you selling these little paintings in a gallery? I was very much admiring your little teacup series. They are so elegant. Are you thinking of posting these to Ebay because I think they would sell! Paula

FCP said...

I may post more to ebay as time goes on, but right now, I feel my focus is limited to finding a rhythm to the challenge of painting daily. That, and if I am honest I have to say, I need to be more consistent with my values first. But thanks for asking, Paula. I appreciate the encouragement.