November 6, 2007

(19) Silver Leaf
8 x 6, oil
private collection

I love painting reflective surfaces--this was tons of fun.
"Do good work. Don't worry about expressing yourself. Figure out what you do well and make it better"...Thomas Buechner

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Lorrie Drennan said...


All I can say is "WOW". The blog is just beautiful...just like you! I just LOVE the quotes and the whole "mood" of your blog! I am definitely subscribing.
I just checked in today for the first time and so I started here and went backward all the way to your Santa Fe paintings. All I can say is this...I saw the Santa Fe ones in person and the photos in no way do them justice (as photos are prone to do). That let's me know just how awesome all these other works are in person as well. Some of the china teacups are just outstanding!
Bravo to you!

ps. we are probably in the final two weeks to a month of our remodeling house project and my little fingers are just itching to get back in there and paint! Especially when I see such inspiring work as yours.