May 15, 2012

Burnished Morning

12 x 24, oil on canvas

"I don't believe in writers block. It is not that sometimes you can't write; it is that sometimes you can't write well. Experience has taught me that writing poorly sometimes leads to something better...
How you start each day depends on how you finished he day before. I never knock off at the end of a chapter, or the end of a sentence. I always stop in mid-sentence. Starting a new chapter or new paragraph first thing in the morning might be too much to bear. But I can always manage to finish a sentence. And one sentence has a way of following another if everything else around me is routine enough."
Anna Quindlen

Sage advice for writers...and painters who dread approaching a blank canvas first thing in the morning. Leave something on the easel to ponder over coffee the next day. 

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Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I like this one Faye, the composition, the light...heck, I'm just a sucker for a horse painting.