August 18, 2011

three sheets t' th' wind

9 x 12, oil on canvas
"Three sheets" be 'n an ol' seafarin' term referrin' t' th' ropes holdin' th' bottom of th' sails in place. If nay securely fastened, th' sails were likely t' thrash about like a drunken sailor - thus th' phrase came known t' be a measure o' the sailor's seaworthiness! Betcha thought sheets referred to th' sails instead a th' ropes? Nay, 'tis an educational blog we're runnin' here matey!

And since three be me favorite number o' th' day; here be nay one, nay two, but three birthday quotes fer ye ponderin' sort a sailor...
~ ~ ~
"Youth be th' gift o' nature, but age be th' work o' art"... Scallywag Garson Kanin

"Knowledge be speakin', but wisdom be listenin"... Matey Jimi Hendrix

"At twenty years o' age, th' will reigns;
at thirty, th' wit;
an' at forty, th' judgement"
...Cap'n Ben Franklin

(Yo, ho,' a bottle o' rum!)


Unknown said...

Oh wow, this is so original and creative! Your choice of colors is so unique and creates such a nice feeling to this painting. It's awesome!

Unknown said...

Just wonderful! There is great color harmony in this painting and it has such cool feeling!