May 9, 2011

dandelion princess

8 x 8, oil on canvas

a sunny sailor,
strong, spirited swimmer
and sculptor of sand.
a spellbound artist
in a splashy sea of pink,
and stylishly sequined shoes.
a sincere and soulful singer
in a swirling skirt.

self-confidant and strategic,
sensitive and supportive;
a spectacular speller,
snappy sleuth
and serious scientist.

a shamelessly silly
supervisor of scout,
a sister in september.
a snugly sugarplum
and softhearted smiling star.
six going on seven.


Unknown said...

That is so pretty! Can I ask how long it takes to paint a painting like that?
Your poem is wonderful too. You're so creative!

Marian Fortunati said...

You do the most exquisite work, Faye!!

Who is this beautiful young lady???

JandiSmall said...

Stunning, Faye, simply stunning! And is that poem your own???

I love your blog and have been commenting (but only in my head!) for quite a long while.

Thank you for the beauty you create.

A's da said...

I'm blown away by this. Just blown away by this painting--and poem, too! Wow. This is a real treasure.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

This is a really lovely painting, Faye. Sweet without being saccharine.

Kathy Cousart said...

Beautifully sweet painting. Love that she is picking flowers. Love the light on the dress. Faye, this is wonderful- whoever this is, I hope they cherish and treasure such a memory.

Karen Appleton said...

Faye this portrait is WONDERFUL!! The contrasts in the dress are so so so beautiful.