July 16, 2010

True Blue

10 x 12, oil on canvas
...Continuing to tiptoe out of my comfort zone with masculine skin tones this time around. Thanks for all the kind emails and comments about this challenge, and please know that while I can eventually come up with something that approaches looking "human"--portraits are not my thing and I am happy to leave it to the pros who are in a league unto themselves. But trying something different is the point, and reminds me of something I once heard author Marian Williamson say. She defined a miracle as stepping into a space previously unavailable to you--a brand new place that allows you to distance yourself from what you previously thought were your limits, and one that enables you to view the old (as well as the new) from an entirely unfamiliar and distinctly new perspective. And when I visualize doing that, I always get a mental image of the SkyWalk at the Grand Canyon- I have not gotten to go there yet, but I think it has to deserve miracle status- and a pretty cool visual reminder to be open to possibilities that you could never have imagined previously.

"I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that my doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso"
...Rita Rudner


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Very nice Faye! I think I'm out of my comfort zone on it all (lol).

Tracey Mardon said...

I love the learning path you set for yourself Faye! When you do get to the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon you will see little miracles happen. People discover themselves in front of your eyes.

Linda Popple said...

Very nice! I think the skins tones are good with the warm and cool tones. You did a great job stepping out of your comfort zone.

Edward Burton said...

An absolutely wonderful job, Faye!

Marian Fortunati said...

I think I missed this one, Faye.. Very nice!!
Great to stretch isn't it???

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

You have caught a great expression on his face. Interesting color palette choice that you have handled very well. As for trying something different, I think you have excelled and I praise your courage.

I too would like to walk on that skywalk at the Canyon but after an embarassing failure to cross the Columbia River on a suspension bridge, I have my doubts that it will happen.

Karen Appleton said...

Really love this portrait Faye! You really captured a mood and the colors are beautiful.

I also loved reading your post too. What an interesting way to think about miracles and limitations, thank you for passing this along.

r garriott said...

This is a lovely portrait-- very sensitive (although a teenage boy might not want to hear either of those terms). I think it's very successful.

(And I love the Rita Rudner quote!)