December 29, 2009

dance by the light of the moon...

This time of year fascinates me because I love clean slates, new beginnings, new ideas, and I find the only resolutions that make sense are the ones that focus on the intention behind the wish. Did you know that the most common resolutions are "get a better job, quit smoking, lose weight" and most psychologists are quick to point out that those are just actions, and to be truly successful, we need to ask ourselves how our lives would be different if we achieved those goals? Pondering that question helps us understand what we really yearn for, and in so doing, propels us to summon the courage to BE THAT NOW, and then support it with new actions. It is quite the opposite of how most of us have learned to resolve to change, and undoubtedly it is what Ghandi meant when he said "BE the change you wish to see in the world". This power of intention is described in many of Dr. Dyer's writings, and there are websites like this one that discuss choosing just one word as your mantra for the year that will help you focus on what you want to BE; as opposed to what you hope to do.

Choosing just one word feels a bit limiting to me, so I have focused on jotting down a new list of ideas and themes that evolve about every four to six weeks. My intention is to stay open to and aware of little sparks of inspiration that come from everyday life. I often jot down a word here or there or take a photo to keep in a file; and try to be aware of the possibility of accepting and inviting in the new, rather than focusing on what is not working (for instance how different is it to focus on being healthy rather than dieting?). Sort of the same idea as "what you resist persists". This post suggests we avoid pushing, and instead allow ourselves to be pulled toward the future. I like that concept a lot. So... this month my focus has been on viewing "the old" from a new perspective and daring to see the ordinary with fresh eyes (click on photo above to see what I mean). I think words can be such powerful tools, so I wanted to share these ideas here in case you, too are contemplating ways to begin anew, or planning resolutions and creative goals.

And in the spirit of taking a new perspective, if you are looking for a new tradition this new year, why not celebrate like my friends from Wales? When the clock begins to strike twelve midnight, they open the back door of their home, then shut it to banish the negative energy and bad luck from the old year-and on the twelfth strike, they swing open the front door to welcome new energy and prosperity for the new year. I like that idea a lot because this year we will have the added enchantment of a new blue moon, so I am picturing a world where we all are gazing at the same beautiful moon as the earth spins new midnights, new hopes, new horizons, and new ways of looking at all of life's moments!

“We need a renaissance of wonder.
We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls,
the deathless dream, the eternal poetry,
the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic.”...E. Merrill Root


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I love this blog post Faye ... for the new year I have the same long list of to-do's that I'll carry over, but what I really want and hope to have in my life is discipline. Right, thats the word I'm choosing this year.

Best wishes to you Faye for the coming year. You've made my year so enjoyable with your beautiful work and fun blog posts ... Thank you.

Dean H. said...

I like the idea of being pulled down new paths and staying open to new inspirations. Constant evolution.
May your new year be filled to overflowing with rewarding inspirations, Faye!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

HI Faye, Thanks for the Welsh New Year tradition idea. At midnight, I swept all the negative, hard times out the back door then ran around and opened the front door to admire the "blue" moon through the pine needles, listen to neighbors set off fireworks and kissed my good husband a new decade greeting. Yesterday's post was stellar!

FCP said...

Thanks so much, Nancy--I like the word you have chosen to focus on. happy painting,

FCP said...

Dean--yes, isn't the pulling vs. pushing a wonderful concept to ponder?
happy new year to you,

FCP said...

I'm glad you chose to embrace the Welsh tradition. I think it is definitely a keeper, and an invigorating way to start the new year--I suspect it was a tad cooler where you live than here however...

Marian Fortunati said...

Being comfortable "being" is a great goal for all of us!!

Thank YOU for BEING YOU!

rob ijbema said...

well said faye
wasn't aware of that tradition here in wales but sounds good
for me,be more in the moment...should do the trick!

Dean Grey said...

Happy New Year to you, Faye!

Interesting idea to BE the change you want to be right now.

Ahhh, but that's easier said than done.

Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful 2010!!


FCP said...

Marian, you are certainly an inspiration. I suspect you have secretly found more than 24 hours in a day with all that you accomplish!

FCP said...

It is always wonderful to hear from you--and I agree, being more present in each moment is the key.
I look forward to being inspired by your lovely work this year,

FCP said...

Yes, I agree, thanks for stopping by.