October 7, 2009

high key

This assignment was to keep contrasts to a minimum by choosing the value of the darkest dark, (no darker than a mid-tone), and then keying all other values lighter accordingly (no matter how dark they appear in life).
"Value choices are intuitive... It's fun to see how much you can get without leaning on contrast"...Sara Genn


Marian Fortunati said...

You are really working hard to learn these lessons.
This one is a difficult one for me. I first heard about high key paintings from Scott Burdick who painted the same incredibly difficult scene on two different days ... once in high key while we watched and he explained and once at a different time. He used the two paintings to really bring home the point. (I blogged about it on http://marianfortunati.com/dataviewer.asp?keyvalue=5196&page=Blog&Topic=Scott%20Burdick%20workshop
if anyone is interested in reading it.)
While they were both lovely, I find high key paintings often "pastely".
I am so impressed with what you are learning and practicing!

FCP said...

Thanks, Marian. I agree about the pasty look, don't like my high key attempts so much, but find I am so enamored by some artists who do it exceedingly well, so it is something I would like to try again. For instance, Edgar Payne did some incredible high key paintings.
Thanks for including your post, can't wait to see what Scott had to say.