September 4, 2008

(234) Tango
8 x 16, oil
September has ushered in new schedules, commitments and obligations unrelated to painting, so lately I've been pondering time management - as in how to organize time for all the things I have to do/want to do/need to do/can't find time to do... so this statement really grabbed me:
"A tough manager will have realistic quotas for his employees that he keeps to himself and aggressively stretch quotas, anywhere from ten percent higher to a lot more, which he imposes on his staff. If his people miss the stretch numbers but exceed the realistic goals, he's happy. If he's a superb manager, he knows how far they can stretch without breaking"(Twyla Tharp) Yes, how far CAN we stretch without breaking? (Has Gov. Palin written a book addressing that yet?)
Twyla also reminds us to "Concentrate. You CAN'T have it all" Hmmmnn, I would venture to add that prioritizing and managing time wisely are the keys to discerning just how much attention and focus are required for each commitment. And learning to delegate is a learned skill for those of us who struggle with handing over the reigns. So... my question is this: how does Twyla's advice translate for those of us who serve as both the manager and the employee? This is a frequent topic among my artist friends, especially women, who tend to "wear many hats" in addition to that of artist - I'll let you know if we ever figure it all out. Meanwhile, I am going to post a few older paintings for a few days (like the one above) while I attempt to get caught up on things outside the studio...oops, Time's Up, Gotta Go!
"We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet" (unknown author)


Terry said...

Lovely painting, Faye - really like the composition.

Funny, I read this just before reading your post:

"I suggest that when faced with limited time, make sure your art ALWAYS comes first. Sacrifice your marketing, your chores, or just about anything else but don't let your art suffer..." (Clint Watson).

Hard advice to follow, but a goal to strive for. Meanwhile, the dust bunnies and laundry pile up even when my paintings don't :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the subject of this painting -- These high heel dance shoes and the rose with their shadows. I imaging the owner had a really good dance night. ;-)

Are those your shoes? Do you tango?

Paz (who doesn't wear heels anymore)

FCP said...

Good quote, Terry! You are right though - it is tough to "put ourselves on the list" sometimes.

FCP said...

Yes the shoes are favorites, haven't danced in them or any others lately though.
Thanks for looking,

Marian Fortunati said...

You inspired me yesterday so I included you in my blog.

Love the shoes... Hope you get to dance through life as well as paint!!
Be well

FCP said...

Thanks Marian. Dance through life? Thanks, that is such a thoughtful wish. I appreciate that, and am honored to be included in your blogpost.

Frank Gardner said...

Great painting Faye. Ah.. time management... hmmm.
A hard one. I like that quote by Clint that Terry shared, but I have to say that it should be family first then art. Then everything else...:o)
My quantity suffers a bit for thinking that way lately, but my art can't hug me.

Good luck managing all of your commitments, I know you can do it.

indiaartist said...

Absolutely love those shoes and I don't know why I never have attempted to draw/paint them. They make a great subject.

FCP said...

Yes, family always comes first for me, too, but I also believe there is a way to get the art in there after that (get up earlier, stay up later, that kind of thing) I'm working on it.
thanks for your thoughtful comments,

FCP said...

You must try painting shoes - it is the most fun. I think they have a personality all their own and dictate how they are arranged. Try it and let me know what you think!
thanks for visiting,