March 10, 2008

Elizabeth from Marrakesh and Frank from Mexico have invited me to participate in a celebration of DOORS. As Frank explained "There is something intriguing about doors. Doors are all over the world. Doors lead somewhere. They keep things in, they keep things out. Doors have histories, stories, mystery. Let's share some."
So, on Wednesday, March 12th, I will join participants from the U.K., Canada, Australia, Scotland, the U.S.A. and Finland in celebrating doors in paint, words, drawings, photographs, poems, etc. In order to make it easy for you to view this "worldwide exhibit" I am including links to the other participants' websites in today's email (because tomorrow I will be busy painting my door!).
When I first began this blog, my intention was to share what I am doing with friends and family, but I could never have anticipated the many "doors" that would be opened to me as I am welcomed by new friends around the world.
"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.” (Irish blessing)

Jack Riddle, Maine, USA
Mary Sheehan Winn, Florida, USA
Terry Rafferty, New Mexico, USA
Constance Muller
Jennifer Thermes Connecticut USA
Joanne Giesbrecht, Alberta, Canada
Eric Orchard, Nova Scotia Canada
Christine Mercer Vernon, Pennsylvania, USA
Britt Arnhild Norway
Kate and Roger Skophammers Virginia, USA
Barbara London, UK
Pam Aries South Carolina, USA
some Pink flowers, Florida, USA
Rima, Scotland
Merisa, Austria
Paz, New York, USA
Dale, Australia
Aesthete, USA
Mari/Kameravena, Finland
Lea Harris, USA
Maryam, Morroco
Willow, California, USA
Ari, Finland
Madelyn, Canada
Leslie, Pennsylvania, USA
Karen Cole, Pennsylvania, USA
Barrie, California, USA
Sherry/Cherie, Toronto, Canada
Claudia Schmid, London, United Kingdom
Sue, Bristol, United Kingdom
Gemma Wiseman, Australia
Neulekirppu, Finland
Laura Fortune,California, USA
Sara Lorayne, California, USA


Barrie said...

I will stop round tomorrow to see your door. :)

Sue Krekorian said...

Lucky me that the Doors of the World have opened to show me your work and world. I'm enjoying this trip around the globe and meeting wonderful artists like you. What a beautiful door this is. Best wishes.