February 7, 2008

(105) Toddle
Pink--preppy--silk, with a hint of sweet confection. Just the basics for spring.
"Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed"...Elle from "Legally Blonde"


Teaworthy said...

OMG! Where to begin?

This resume paper is pink.
And it's scented. I think it gives it a little something extra.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe these!! I've been away too long. My very favorite is the Favorite LBD.
But I'm amazed. I can easily ID the chiffon, tulle, silk, velvet & what about that boa, baby? The swish, shimmer, wisp, swirl... it's all so pretty.
i especially love the curves, drapes, & pleats. the sense of movement absolutely amazes me.
other worldly to me, a sketcher of all men stick...
~but i am a fan.

Did you know that today, the 8th of February, is National Hot Mamasita Day?

Ti Amo