January 22, 2008

(92) Tribute to Audrey
6 x 6, oil
private collection
"If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat"...George Bernard Shaw


{The Christian's} said...

Love it!!!

Kellie Marian Hill said...

loving this one- something about the composition, and the blakc-and-white with the pink background...

Anonymous said...

it doesn't start, or stop
with the Wedding Gown~

every girl should have a painting of those *Prada* 6inch black heels that she CAN NOT get enough of!
we all have things we love to see in our closet, bc of the great memories attached to it, or bc we look so ridiculously gorgeous wearing it.
if it makes us smile when we see it tucked away of course it's something we'd love captured in a painting.
i so appreciate how you take bottles of nail laquer, that we all have sitting around our home, and turn it into a warm glamorous painting.

if i can treat the items i use daily as a subject for a beautiful painting...?

and too...
love these paintings!
thank you!