November 5, 2012

Conca dei Marini

After a morning of painting in the tiny fishing village Conca Dei Marini, we were treated to a fabulous lunch featuring freshly caught fish and homemade ravioli at Ristorante Risorgimento da Michele. The only food the tiny restaurant serves is made from scratach, grown or caught, and because they are located on a rocky cliff, their clients arrive only by boat.  As with most of the restaurants along the coast, it is family owned and operated, with the husband catching the fish while his wife and her sister prepare the food. Absolute perfection!

The fishermen I met along the coast spoke little or no English but were very animated and spirited when communicating about the beautiful waters they fish in, as well as their vocation. They were always excited to look at our paintings and generously proclaim "Bella barca!" (Beautiful boat!)
 I have no idea what catch Louie is holding up in the photo below, only that he was very proud. 
So endearing.

"At sea, I learned how little a person needs,
 not how much."
Robin Lee Graham

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