May 19, 2009

caramel macciatti,please!

It was 42 degrees this morning so MomRobin fluffed out her feathers to keep her babies warm. This is the first time I have seen her shut her eyes-never more than a millisecond at a time, but clearly, she is dreaming of a Starbucks fix. And just when she got all settled in, Dad (top photo) arrived with breakfast and, siesta over, out she flew back to work.
"A fig for partridges and quails,
ye dainties I know nothing of ye;
But on the highest mount in Wales
Would choose in peace to drink my coffee"...Jonathon Swift


LSaeta said...

I am thinking the wonderful story could be the basis for a new sitcom ...

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

What a great painting this would be!