April 19, 2009

a sliver of spring

"He knew a path that wanted walking;

He knew a spring that wanted drinking;

A thought that wanted further thinking"...

Robert Frost

(308) dogwood photo 3
LOVE that quote...and I find that my "further thinking" today involves experimenting with design, color and composition for this series of photos.
Like Robert Frost, I find that spring challenges me to try out new things,

see the old with new eyes,
search for new paths,
and mix and match
in fresh new ways


Tracey Mardon said...

Faye, this series of photos is just exquisitely beautiful. I want to live where you live! Thanks for the inspiration!

artbymj said...

I'm really enjoying your dogwoods, Faye. This one looks like it could be a beautiful swatch of fabric. The quote is wonderful too.

L.Holm said...

These are gorgeous, Faye! I have a passionate painting award for you on my blog...

LSaeta said...

These photographs are wonderful! I love them!