November 13, 2008


Diane, from Inspiration By Design has issued a challenge to bloggers to post a "favorite dress", so I am including this one, painted earlier this year. I love the color of this fabric which changes in the light. To participate and/or be eligible to win her painting, you may visit her site here.
"A dress can mean so much to a woman... it reminds us of the event it was worn at, be it a walk down the street or a formal affair. It also reminds us of who we met or who we were in love with then, or who broke her heart. Somehow the dress or the outfit plays a role in that moment".....Diane Bronstein


Diane said...

Love the painting... and love the color of the dress..thanks for the link

indiaartist said...

Love the subject of painting, love the silky fall of the cloth and the colors too. Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress! Beautiful painting!


Jala Pfaff said...

Great painting!