December 10, 2012

Marvelous Monday Inspirations

"Show and Tell"
10 x 20, oil on canvas

One of the meanings of the word "inspire" is "to breathe". Born in the wee hours before dawn, I took my very first breath on a Monday morning. So, I think no other day could be more perfect to launch a new series of posts that celebrate all things inspiring.  (sorry Garfield)
Here are two Marvelous Monday Inspirations that I hope you will find as uplifting and encouraging as I do.

My model for the painting above may look small but she has such a big heart. After hearing stories about children who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy, she sorted through her toys, organized a combination yard/donut sale with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. A pretty impressive mission of hope and goodwill for a second grader.

 Young students from KY's Pulaski Elementary created a "kindness chain" where they anonymously share gifts, letters, or perform acts of kindness. A card explaining the "Mysterious Mustang" project is included in each gift, including a website where recipients have an opportunity to express their gratitude, and then continue the kindness chain. The real ingenuity of this program is that the students get to see first hand how their initial act of kindness grows and expands as recipients around the globe share their joy. How cool is that?

Once again, the best lessons of kindness, sincerity and caring come from the young, who are often our best teachers.

"Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."
Scott Adams


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh Faye! This painting of the little girl in the pink coat with the teddy in the backpack is actually making me cry, as I sit here in my kitchen. It's wonderful, and so poignant, and hard to look at, yet mesmerizing so that I can't take my eyes away. I guess that's the secret to art. Just the right piece reaches out and speaks to just the right person...
Are you selling it? (just curious...)

FCP said...

Katherine, I give all the credit to my young model who proudly put together her colorful ensemble all by herself, and her mom who captured it with her camera as they headed out the door. I promised to paint it for them the minute I saw the photo but have been slow getting to it. As always thank you for your kind heart and encouraging words.

Debi Murray said...

I am lovin' everything about this post and your new series! Your painting of the big heart captures mine immediately, and your story just makes it swell. This is a 5 star, girlfriend!!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Beautiful painting Faye.
Lovely, inspiring story to go with it.