September 16, 2012

the 'daily round'

8 x 10, oil on canvas
Ever stumble across money in the pocket of a jacket?
Or perhaps a favorite passage that you savor even more now than when first discovered?
Both feel like gifts from the universe, don't they? 

"All we have is all we need. 
All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are.
Whether we live passionately or not is a choice we make. 
When writers write, the most important emotion is conveyed between the lines. 
I want to live in between the lines, where the depth is.
Those who live passionately teach us how to live.
Big changes come with small choices. 
Little changes and little choices add up to be revolutionary changes in your life.
The more risks you take, the 'luckier' you become.
If you trust life and learn to embrace it and try not to control everything
 then life can be more wondrous than you thought it would be. 
Our relationships with others are only as emotionally healthy,
 happy, holy and content as our relationships with ourselves. 
The only wound your soul never recovers from is regret.
 What I know for sure is that we don't have the luxury of regret any more. 
The past only asks to be remembered.
Cherish each morning and give thanks each evening."
Sara Ban Breathnach

1 comment:

Katherine Thomas said...

Wow. I LOVE that poem. And I also love the painting! The composition is so perfect the way you cozied in to the subjects. What a lovely post, all the way around!