February 8, 2012

Holding Hearts and Hands

16 x 20, oil on linen
If pressed to choose a favorite subject to paint, I would have to say that portraying children, who are busy exploring their world and just being themselves, would be at the top of my list. Pondering other "faye-vorites" inspired the whimsical list below...

A frosting of fancy pearls,
and flip-flops on hardwood floors.
a fireplace with flames aglow,
the soft caress of fleecy fabrics, and a fluffy poodle.
Music, compliments of a forever flawless Jagger,
and dreams of a festive, fabulous Italia.
a fragrant fog of fresh limon,
fleur de lis,
french-toast and
fancy chocolate strawberries with tea.

fresh floating flowers and fields of pink peony,
flutes, fireflies, and tiny footprints,
fairy-tales and fantastic sunsets all painterly.
Twinkling lights, fuzzy photographs and
four cherished loves added to my "five-fambily"
Fair of face,
February's child is humbled
by figure eights
filled with grace.

Here's hoping you too find ways to celebrate all your favorite things. A great place to start can be found in Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts". The author, a young mother of six, is a photographer and gifted "painter of words" that inspire and uplift.


Katherine Thomas said...

This is such a precious painting! I love it! You've done such an amazing job at capturing the innocence of childhood and the grandeur of the beach and the ocean. Congratulations!

supplies overflowing! said...

Your lights and shadows always blow me away by how spot on they are. I can hear the ocean and feel the warmth of the sun- I almost want to squint from the brightness!
This is truly precious. Oh my- I could just copy and paste everything said in the above comment!
Wonderful painting!